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A location unlike any other in Thailand, the Frost Magical Ice of Siam reimagines the world of the Arctic inside the tropical warmth of Thailand. Frost Magical Ice of Siam is a magnificent dome structure housing the greatest collection of ice sculptures to be seen in all of the ASEAN nations.The attraction is divided into two zones, each displaying incredible ice and remarkable sand sculptures. The gigantic dome, which has been chilled to minus 10 degrees, with its amazing collection of ice sculptures, is the ultimate highlight.

The Ice Dome features a number of smaller zones: the Frost Village features a Photo Booth and a Souvenir Shop, while the Siam Haven has models of igloos and some fun ice slides. The outer zone, which is the second main zone is the Himmapan Forest: an elaborate display of a mythical Thai forest, the Forest Zone features ice sculptures of magical creatures and trees.

It is very advisable to wear warm clothing; if not, jacket rentals are provided on-site. You'll want to keep warm since you could decide to linger for a while and sip from a glass fashioned from an ice block. The attraction also features a restaurant outside its sub zero premises, where snacks and warm drinks are served at all times.

Why Book Frost Magical Ice of Siam Tickets?

Offering a quick escape from the Bangkok heat, the Frost Magical Ice of Siam is one of the most exciting attractions one can visit in the city. Being a popular attraction however, the theme park gathers a considerable tourist influx throughout the year. To ensure a hassle free visit,thus, purchasing Frost Magical Ice of Siam tickets in advance would be a wise move as it is an excellent way to avail yourself of good discounts on one’s entry ticket to the attraction, while skipping the long queues that gather at the venue.

  • Step inside Pattaya's first ice dome, which is also the region's largest ice sculpture.
  • Discover intriguing ice sculptures that combine Thai and foreign cultures under one roof
  • Participate in a variety of activities and exhibits that explore Thai literature and urban legends.
  • Have a soft drink in glasses made entirely out of Ice at the Ice Bar in the Dome
  • Experience -10 degrees over a 30,000 square meter space while learning about Siam from a fresh perspective.
  • Explore the Siam Heaven Zone, with its ice slides and igloos
  • Hop into the Photo Booth at Frost Village for some quirky picture mementos
  • Various Fairytale and Thai legends characters are represented through white sand sculptures
  • Admire the magnificent ice sculptures both within and outside the Dome, which were created with exceptional artistry.

Your Frost Magical Ice of Siam Tickets Explained

The Frost Magical Ice of Siam tickets offer a seamless entry and experience at the attraction. The tickets not only include the admission fee to the venue, but also includes the mandatory rented overcoat and one free soft drink. The tickets to Frost Magical Ice of Siam, when purchased online, offer excellent discounts on the ticket price.

Your Frost Magical Ice of Siam Tickets Explained

Entrance Ticket + Overcoat + Soft Drink: These tickets to Frost Magical Ice of Siam offer a well rounded experience at the attraction. Firstly, the tickets include a discounted entry to the attraction. It also includes the rental overcoat- which is absolutely essential to survive in the subzero temperature inside- although gloves, socks and the returnable boots must be booked separately. The tickets also include one free soft drink which has to be redeemed at the Ice Bar inside the Dome. The Frost Magical Ice of Siam tickets are priced differently for Thai and non Thai residents, and valid ID proofs have to be furnished while booking. The tickets to Frost Magical Ice of Siam are also priced differently for children and adults, with the child tickets offered at a subsidized rate.

Inclusions:- Entrance fee of Himmapan, Siam Heaven and snow town zone at the Frost Magical Ice of Siam Pattaya- Overcoat- Soft drink served in carved-ice glass

Things To Do In Frost Magical Ice of Siam

The Frost Magical Ice of Siam tickets open the door to a world of unique icy adventures in Pattaya. Of course, marveling at the attractions of expertly crafted sculptures falls at the very top of one’s list of things to do here, but there’s a bunch of other experiences to explore as well. Firstly, keep a camera handy, for you’ll need to fish it out on a regular basis to take pictures at its many photo stops. The ice slides are another fun attraction, and you could try taking a ride on it no matter what your age is. Lastly, do not forget to cash in your Frost Magical Ice of Siam tickets for the drink at the ice bar, which is served on these wonderful glasses carved right out of ice.

 Pictures With The Snowman
Pictures With The Snowman

The Frost Magical Ice of Siam has plenty of photo stops to choose from, and the snowman is just the first of them. Snowmen of different sizes await one at the Ice Dome with smiling faces. Some would be taller than you, and some rather short. The snowmen make great companions for pictures, so make sure you stop for one!

 Ice Slides
Ice Slides

If your children have ever dreamt of visiting the world of Frozen’s Elsa, this might be the chance to make the dream come true. The Ice Slide at Frost Magical Ice of Siam resembles something taken right out of the fairytale. It is, as is evident from its title, a typical playground slide made entirely out of ice- stairs and all. Although the attraction is best suited only to children, even adults have known to slide down and enjoy the marvelous sculpture.

 Enjoy In Igloo
Enjoy In Igloo

The dwelling place of the Inuits, the Igloos at Frost Magical Ice of Siam adds to the Arctic charm of the place. The igloos are not mere imitations of the actual structure, but made entirely out of ice itself, and stand testament to the artists’ level of craftsmanship. The igloos are fairly small in size, but the door is big enough for visitors to crawl through to the hollow interiors. Although especially attractive for children, adults would have an excellent time crawling in and out of the structure as well. Apart from this, the igloo forms an excellent and popular photo stop inside the Ice Dome.

 Drinks In Glasses Made Of Ice
Drinks In Glasses Made Of Ice

We often have drinks with ice in them- but never drink on ice itself. Now is the chance to change that! Of course, having a drink in the Ice Bar at the Ice Dome can be an exciting experience. This is, however, escalated with the experience of having a drink in a glass that is carved out of a huge chunk of ice. The Frost Magical Ice of Siam tickets include a free drink at the bar. The bartenders at the Ice Bar will mix your choice of non alcoholic beverage in the big, chunky glass with a straw to top it off. Make sure you’re wearing your gloves, or have a table to rest it on!

Frost Magical Ice Of Siam Tickets

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How much is the cost of Frost Magical Ice of Siam tickets?

    • For Thai Adults 350 TBH
    • For Thai Children: 250 TBH
    • For non-Thai Adults: 600 TBH
    • For non-Thai Children: 200 TBH

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